Social Media Marketing Companies in Sri Lanka

Almost every one of us is daily users of social media, and therefore you must be familiar with the term social media. But, what does Social Media Marketing (SMM) refer to? Yes, that is correct as you guessed; social media marketing refers to doing marketing and promotional activities through social media. If you know the art of Social Media Marketing (SMM), you can end up with an excellent picture of success in your business. It includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos, and paid social media advertising.

Social media marketing is vital because it can bring you a large customer base within a short period. But there is something that you need to remember, implementing a social media campaign without a sound knowledge of the subject might bring out more harmful effects rather than positive. Under the guidance of SEO Sri Lanka Company, you will always succeed in your social media campaign.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

We are sure that now you might have a slight idea of how vital that Social Media Marketing can be if you are skilled enough to get the essence of it. Let’s just run through a few points why it can be important for your business;

  • It is essential since it creates brand awareness. Though you launch a new website, not many would know it. But once you market your business through social media, thousands of interested users will get to know about it.
  • It helps you get more organic traffic to your website. Once the users of social media see your page, they will look for the website.
  • People are more likely to do online shopping these days. They find it more convenient to search their products online. So having a social media profile can help you reach a broad wide target audience.
  • When more users visit your website, it will improve your ranking. Your business can reach the top of the Google results page.

Platforms of Social Media Marketing

Some of the most commonly used social platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Let us see how Social Media Marketing is carried out on different social platforms;

  • Facebook

We can name the Facebook as the most popular social networking site among all with a large number of users worldwide. Creating a Facebook Business Fan Page will help you to promote your business to the target group of customers among the broad audience of Facebook, who are interested in buying your products. Our SEO Company can help you with both creating your Facebook Business Fan Page and maintaining the page by building your reputation and creating brand awareness day by day.

  • Twitter

Twitter lets you broadcast your business updates across the web. You can gain a large number of followers with similar businesses in the industry when you follow tweeters in your industry or related fields.

Retweeting your posts from time to time and retweeting replies of happy customers can get you more followers on Twitter. Using a social media tool like Twitter can make your product more popular among the wide range of followers on Twitter.

  • LinkedIn

The LinkedIn profiles are more professional than any other social media tools.  LinkedIn profiles with good recommendations are often more reliable, and customers tend to get more attracted to such profiles. LinkedIn is an excellent platform where a business can display their skills and strengths. Customers often find a complete profile with skills attractive.

  • Instagram

When compared with the above three social media tools, users find Instagram more friendly and easy to interact with. You can create a public business profile where everyone can see and like your posts. The number of followers will increase by following profiles which are similar to yours. Users who are interested in your business will follow you and contact you for product details.


Are you a business who is willing to step into Social Media Marketing, but not having a clear idea about it? Why do you still keep worrying? The best SEO Company in Sri Lanka is right to serve you.  It is now almost done with traditional marketing; you have to pick up the trend and move with the flow. The SEO Sri Lanka Company can help you with your Social Media Marketing, with years of experience in the industry.

Not every SEO Company in Sri Lanka can guarantee you with 100% results with no long-term lock-in agreements. We don’t rush you into long-term contracts when working with us. You are free to leave when you want, but we doubt that you will never do. Under the wings of SEO Sri Lanka, we ensure you with a safe and sound landing ahead of your competitors. Place the marketing of your business in our hands, and we will make the magic happen!