What is the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital marketing?

Are you doing business? Do you have customers? Apparently, you might be having local customers around your area. But the question is, “Is it enough?”. We know that every entrepreneur and businessperson have the hope of starting it small but ending it big. What’s the purpose of doing business if you keep rotting in the same place for years and years? It is where marketing plays the role by promoting your business for interested customers by providing information about your products and where to find your business. It is what basically marketing does, whether it is digital or traditional.

We live in a world that keeps rapidly changing, where technology keeps evolving day by day and hence, the traditional methods will have to pack and leave. So “Welcome to the digital era!”. You might have been practicing conventional marketing strategies so far, but now it is time to move onto digital marketing or to give priority to digital marketing. There is nothing to argue on the point that digital marketing is undoubtedly more efficient than traditional marketing because of its ability to track data – but this doesn’t mean that conventional marketing is of no use because they both have their niches. Let us go through the differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing based on the following points;

The target group

Use of traditional marketing limits your audience to a smaller number. You are unable to reach the international audience by using traditional marketing.

Rather than catering local customers, you can access a full target group of international customers by using digital marketing. With the use of the internet, the entire world is more similar to a small village.

Ability to interact with customers

Traditional marketing methods like newspaper ads and TV ads won’t give you an open platform to interact with your customers. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing permits you to communicate with your customers where they can provide feedback about your business and service. You can find whether customers are satisfied and make more improvements to delight them.

Digital marketing is cost-effective

Placing newspaper ads and TV ads will cost you a large sum of money. You must keep on advertising your products for customers. People rarely go through papers these days.

Investing in digital marketing is more cost – effective and provides better results than spending in traditional marketing. Your profits will cover your expenses on digital marketing.

Real-time results

With traditional marketing, you might have to wait for ages wondering whether your marketing campaign was successful or not. There is no way of getting to know about the instant results of your marketing effort.

With digital marketing, you can see the numbers of visitors to your site, subscribers, peak trading times, etc. You need not wait for an extended period to get the results since you can watch then and there.

Brand development

Traditional marketing is not very useful in developing the brand of your product. A well-developed site adds more value to your business and increases its reputation. You can impress your customers by providing quality content and more detailed information about your business you can influence.

Digital marketing can perform miracles if placed in the correct hands. So we are the best SEO Company in Sri Lanka who can provide you with enchanting Digital marketing solutions. There are many digital marketing techniques used by our SEO Company to promote your business using digital media. Some of the most common tools by us are;

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In Search Engine Optimization, we will help you to climb up in the Google’s Search Results and finally, you can reach the top of the results by using correct tools. We can get you the highest ranking under our guidance since we have a good experience in the SEO industry.


Advertising on Google is one of the best methods to promote your business. Since many internet users are regularly interacting with Google, there is an excellent opportunity for you to reach a group of interested customers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Medium Marketing involves marketing your business using social media. Almost one-third of the world population are social media users. It is why marketing on social media can bring you a lot of customers.

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