seo company sri lanka_tips find best seo company sri lankaAre you using an SEO company Sri Lanka for the past few years and been completely disappointed? Not getting the SEO rankings that you were promised? Spending thousands for a pointless SEO service? Then the following tips would help you to find the most suitable SEO Company in Sri Lanka. It’s necessary to make the right choice, as it impacts the rankings of your website and the traffic. An expert in SEO would know the best techniques that need to be used for your website. So think twice about your SEO choice. Let’s go through some of the SEO tips.

Tips to Help You Find The Best SEO Company Sri Lanka

TIP # 1: Search for the words on Google ‘SEO Company Sri Lanka’.

Try out the companies that are on the first page of Google. But finding a company that constantly remained at the top is a challenge as Google keeps on changing its algorithms. Eventually, these results will change daily. So in order to find the best SEO Company you need to vigilant about the changes over a few weeks. Some SEO companies get into the top rankings very quickly. You should be aware of these types of firms as they might be using spam and dodge techniques to increase their rankings. These types of SEO firms would be penalized by Google. Most importantly avoid from using a company that has paid survive on Google via Adwords. Eventually, the question is, how an SEO could company that pays to be on rankings help you to get into the rankings. So if there are any doubts regarding this please feel free to call me on 076 6000 713

TIP # 2: Ring up their previous clients.

Do not limit to testimonials on their websites. Collect some details of their past clients and check their ranking as promised. This would help you to get an idea of the company. So, later on, you can check this out.

TIP # 3: See how long they have been in the SEO business.

SEO is a new industry and the Sri Lankans are not much familiar with it. Meanwhile, the barriers to entering the SEO industry is less. So it is wise to work with an SEO company that has been in the industry for few years. Due to the establishment of SEO companies in Sri Lanka that do not comply with the standard, you should be aware when choosing one.

TIP # 4: Have a good look at their website.

You must be aware of the looks of an SEO website. Usually, a well-established SEO provider will empower the service provided with a professionally designed website that highlights their aims and goals including some of their best work. Most of the bogus SEO providers use several domains to market their business which is the first hint not to use them.

TIP # 5: If they promise for guaranteed results in less than 3 months,

SEO companies don’t work on miracles, it is a very systematic process that involves a huge effort and time. read this previous post about SEO tips to optimize your website,  So if any provider guarantees you to bring up your website to the top of search engines, it is clear that you are paying for a scam SEO service. Make sure you don’t end up with SEO service providers that state the impossible.

TIP # 6: Look for SEO firms that don’t want to lock you into yearly contracts.

Limit the time period of a contract to 3-6 months. Having a contract more than 6 months is risky as rankings need to be achieved step by step. If you need to rank your website quickly using AdWords would be the best option.

TIP # 7: Pay peanuts and you get monkeys.

Many SEO firms offer packages that are unbelievable. Ranking a site or maintaining is the position is not an easy task. Go for an SEO company that has reasonable charges. Meanwhile, in order to survive in the competitive market, you need to spend more to be in the top rankings.

TIP # 8: See are they improving your website contents.

Web content plays a major role in the SEO. A good SEO company has the right web content strategy and the SEO strategy. Content marketing helps to increase the rankings of your website. Meanwhile, it supports to attract more traffic to your website.

TIP # 09: If you are in business or part of a marketing team then use your instinct.

If the first impression you get about them is not right, or you are not satisfied, keep on looking for alternatives till you get satisfied with your choice. Make sure they have provided you the true information and explained everything clearly. Or else it would be the beginning of something bad.

TIP # 10: If you have an existing website make sure they will do a thorough audit of past SEO work.

In order to fix this, it is necessary to access the Google webmaster tools account. If you have faced a ranked drop for no reason you will have to concern about it, as your website might have been penalized by Google. We at SEO Sri Lanka can fix this problem for you. We believe our client’s success is our success.