There is not an iota of doubt that search engine optimization or SEO is still essential if your website is to be found among the myriads of others on any search engine, be it Google, Yahoo or Bing.

As far as Google is concerned is the leader and most sought after search engine, they are making life difficult for those who have slipped through loopholes in their integrated web and riding the crest by subjugating others for a long time.

Google is now aware of this trend and is tightening the screws making it difficult unless you are a bona fide website striving hard to get on top of Google’s competitive screen and be noticed when it matters.

This makes Google a very competitive search engine platform with only the best able to come through the mill by strategizing innovative initiatives to be found and noticed on the first screen.

Towards this end Google has changed and placed strategic deterrents on those who have been taking others for a ride at the expense of Google and now with the system being tightened it has become “each one for himself and Google for us all” when it comes to taking advantage of the world’s leading search engine provider.

Keywords and their importance

Picking the right keywords is a knack which search engine optimization or SEO specialists strive hard to get right and towards this end it is imperative that a detailed keyword analysis is executed so that when the search is on, your website would be found.

Finding the right keywords is just like groping in the dark because with so many searching the World Wide Web, professional SEO specialists could only contemplate that they have got their act right as there is no guarantee that what they bring out as keywords would be what the prospective customers would type into his keyboard be it on a laptop or smart phone.

The other important factor would be to change keywords regularly because trends and thinking of customers are constantly changing and is never static as it would have been a few moons ago.

Innovative and Readable Content For Better SEO Campaign

Once a website is displayed on screen one it is a matter of seconds before the viewer’s attention could deviate if nothing interesting catches his or her eye.

It is in this context that content on the website should kick-start the process of interest in the individual because once hooked it is imperative that he is kept glued to the screen, if not which he or she would move on.

You would have done your homework as far as your SEO is concerned but if you have lousy content which does not make readable and interesting to the viewer he would just move on.

Hence content should be readable whilst it needs to be updated regularly tickling interest in the viewer to see what he has got before him. It would be exactly like a customer walking into a retail outlet and seeing nothing of interest to him at the main door just turns and walks away.

Once the customer has arrived at your doorstep it is imperative that you do everything within your control to ensure that he walks in through the doorway and likewise when a search is conducted by a prospective customer on the www, and he sees into your screen you would need to keep him there glued till you get him to push that all important button and engage with you.

Link Building For SEO and its importance

Link Building for any website is important, as it is basically like a tree standing tall but cannot do so just on one main root it needs a plethora of smaller roots to hold it firmly to the ground or the consequences could be disastrous.

A website linked and supported by a myriad of links to other websites whether they are related in a common ideology or not would stand a better chance of being noticed on the search engine rather than a website trying to take the might of the World Wide Web on its own.

Piggy backing on others is advantages but if your website needs to project an image of respectability which would go a long way in being recognized among your peers then you may need to monitor where you are linked and ensure that the websites you ride on too have the same respectability that you desire.

Link Building is important but you would need to be prudent of how you get about it and it is not only exposure that you would look forward to but good quality exposure is what you should be looking at.

Exposure for the sake of it could become a problem of sorts if you ride the wrong websites of which there would not be any need to elaborate as you would need to conclude on that.

It is towards this end that all SEO Sri Lanka is directed and once the traffic lands at your doorstep ensure that he stays and engages with you.