All websites run behind one goal and one objective only and that is to be found on the first screen when their prospective customers create a need in themselves and look to satisfy that need. To be found from among the myriad of websites clamoring to be found on the World Wide Web which we also refer to as the Internet is no easy task.

It takes the formulation of some very aggressive marketing strategies in the direction of search engine optimization or SEO to do so which is the key to the final outcome of being found when searched.

Google has been innovating different strategies themselves to make their search engines responsive and conducive to those bona fide websites who really burn the midnight oil to be on top when needed and on the other hand Google have also taken a very strict attitude against those websites that try to use unethical initiatives to subjugate and suppress others in trying to score the brownie points, needed to optimize on their websites on Google search engines.

Some practices are initiated and executed by most websites which do not stray beyond unethical parameters and one of them is the process we commonly refer to as Link Building.

What is Link Building For SEO?

Link Building could be easily compared to “piggy backing” which is what we do when we need to use someone else’s goodness to our own advantage which is not an unethical practice but is a common mode of being seen by prospective customers even when they are not really searching for what you have, represent or offer.

“Piggy backing” or Link Building would stretch your websites exposure far and wide and would help more integration because after all the Internet is a very wide web that encompasses every tit bit of information from wherever it may originate.

The more Links you build for your website the more successful it would be but said that you would also have to be cautious that you refrain from link building with websites that could have adverse reputations or with unscrupulous intentions.

If that happens your reputation too could be dented and once you fall into bad company extricating yourself from it would be quite an arduous task.

If you could carefully monitor with which websites that you would get into the act of Link Building and have some reputed and popular websites integrated with you, then your search engine optimization or SEO Sri Lanka initiatives would see a substantial impact on your final objectives.

Why is Link Building important for SEO ranking?

The algorithms that Google the number one and leading search engine operator has in place is just beyond comprehension by any layman and trying to understand how it works would take a few Albert Einsteins to come together.

No website could stand on its own and be found or make a foreseeable impression on the search engine other than by coupling themselves with others, hence when a more popular website is found on a search by a prospective customer it could propel the piggy backing website also alongside it.

This would make visibility that much more prominent rather than standing all alone on the vast Google search engine waiting with arms folded to be found if you are lucky and luck does not come anyone’s way by not doing anything at all.

Link Building would increase the chances any website would have of being found when searched and that is the final goal or objective of any website that would be worth its salt.