Learning SEO for blogs is much simpler than it seems. In today’s post, I share with your basics for any person in the simplest way possible to delve into this topic. I assure you that if I could understand the fundamental principles of SEO, then you also can.

Throughout this article, I will explain the structuring of SEO, and a series of shortcuts, so you can make simple modifications from your site and content, and what you can do to improve it and get more traffic to your site.

My history with the myth of SEO for blogs:

When I started the blogging, to be honest, I had no knowledge of the “theory” of how to build it, optimize it, and carry it further. I just knew that I loved to learn, share knowledge and help others with their projects and business from my place.

So was that the day in which I had to have me to investigate/study about SEO for bloggers, I stumbled across much information, words, structures, which are not complicated, but which were explained or written in a complicated way.

By considering many of bloggers who write about it, already have idea about the SEO Sri Lanka industry, like to expert to blogging, SEO, Html CSS etc. then this author write his own way sometimes it difficult to understand to newbie to industry, therefore I have decided to come across newbie mind and write down entire article from that manner.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. I must confess that, 5 years ago, the first time I heard about SEO, did not know if I were talking about the (CEO) founder of a company or what… Yes. So little idea had SEO for blogs some time back.

How does it work?

For Google as well as other search engines can bring new visitors to site that most relevant and useful for the specific phase which types of search engines by users of it. Search engine contains crawlers and spiders, this help to find out most relevant pages to that specific search query among the internet. SEO guy task is fulfilled these relevant things on your site for specific keywords, phases, once you have fulfilled these, you will able to come on the top of search engine result pages and bring new visitors to your site that means you will able to bring new sales through your website.

Why you should need to learn about SEO as a blogger or company owner in Sri Lanka

Because that the way to increase sales leads to your business as well as increase the traffic of site by organically.

Structure of SEO

  • On-site optimization
  • Offsite optimization

On-site Optimization

It’s all that you can do on your website as well as web pages to allow the search engines to find it, analyze, then search engines determine the position of your site need to ranks.

Offsite Optimization

All those external factors that influence the positioning of your site, popularity on social networks (and mentions how shared is), if other sites link your site, The search engine weighs this information to measure the relevance and quality of the contents and decide if it is worthwhile to show it or not.

Factors of Onsite Optimization


These are the basis of optimization ON page your item. Why it is so important to you to do intelligent use so the spiders find you, and can show you. Otherwise, you can have excellent content, be a great writer, but if you do not discover, all that is obsolete.

The places where you need to use your keywords on the site.

  • At least once in the main title
  • In at least one or two headings or subtitles.
  • At least 3 times in the body of the article.
  • Once are marked in “bold” and “italic”
  • At least once in the “Alt” of an image (below show you how to do it and why)
  • Once in the URL
  • At least once in the Meta Description.

Offsite optimization


All the pages that link to our site web page.  When someone creates a link from the outside (from another site/blog) and pointing to our site, it is generating a backlink and that benefits us, because as more people linked with our site, spiders considered that your relevant and more weight will have your page at the time of position in the ranking.

You have found on the website that gives many packages of “backlinks” to be purchased, but please, is not use them because an excellent strategy to generate backlinks naturally, and Google gives high priority track about backlinks structure. When they noticed about your unnatural backlinks they will penalize your site. After that, you will never come to the top for any of search engines. That the reason you hand over your SEO strategy to an expert to the industry.