Difference Between SEO and Google Advertising (PPC)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sounds somewhat familiar, right? Well, it has to be. We have explained about SEO in all our previous articles and by now you must have at least a faint idea of what SEO is. We will just have a quick rush on SEO to brush up your memory. You already know that most of the internet users search for information through Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. What if your website is not Search Engine friendly? Then the users will not see you in the results pages and it means you are in trouble. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your website is Search Engine friendly which means that your website appears in the results pages of your customers.

But what does Organic and Non-organic (Google Paid Advertising) means

Organic SEO is where websites are naturally ranked in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). But in Google Paid advertising is not natural; you have to pay in order to get a quick display in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).You might think about what best for your business SEO or paid advertising campaign you will be able to give an answer by yourself by the end of this article.

But, if you ask us the above question we already have an answer. And of course, it is “Organic Search Engine Optimization”.  Here are the reasons why we say so.

Organic results are generated through Search Engine algorithms while you will have to pay plenty of dollars to display your advertising campaign on Google. It is true that Organic SEO requires a certain time to see the results. But once you are stable, it never easy to pull you down. Your effort and patience will be rewarded with long-term success. It is well said that “difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations“.

Why  Organic SEO is always better

Let’s go through some points to see why organic SEO is always better than Advertising.

  • The cost

Organic SEO is always cheaper than Non-organic SEO. You don’t have to keep spending to secure your rank in the SERPs. Your website is naturally Search Engine friendly and you need not pay for it.

  • Branding

Gives an opportunity to create brand awareness and builds a good brand image. You are known to mark your place by effort and not by paying money. This helps to create a good brand.

  • Competitiveness

With Organic SEO, you can always outrank your competitors. It is never easy to reach you once you are at the top of the results. So with the help of the best SEO Company, you will be always ahead of your competitors

  • Authority

Websites which are ranked at the top of SERPs claim their authority. Organic SEO is never that easy so once you are to the top it means that you have gained the reputation.

Non-organic SEO or Google paid advertisement is more like blowing air into a balloon. Once it gets pricked then everything is done! Yes, of course, you can get your website placed on the first page of SERPs, but remember it is temporary. You will have to spend a vast amount of money to get highly ranked through paid advertising and once you stop paying, you will end up at where you were at the beginning – and obviously, it might somewhere in one of the last SERPs far behind your competitors. Most of the internet users prefer to look for websites which are naturally ranked than clicking a website which paid for Google to place in the SERPs. Organic SEO is successful in building a good reputation since they focus on optimizing the content and images, building links and doing keyword research.

Why you must work with best SEO Company in Sri Lanka

We always refer to SEO as a complicated task but once you get familiarized you will simply love the concept. All you have to do is to hire the best SEO company and then sit back and watch the results. Don’t forget that real SEO is involved with natural ranking and an SEO company which is able to get you ranked using Organic SEO is the real expert in the field. Don’t hire someone who will rent out a temporary place for you, instead choose an expert industry otherwise you waste your time and money. The SEO Sri Lanka Company who is the best SEO Company in Sri Lanka is ready to provide you with the best SEO solutions for your website. We have earned our place on Google results page as the best SEO Company through natural ranking methods. And this is one good reason to make us the best among the rest. So join us for the best SEO solutions for your website and we will make it happen.