Outdated SEO Techniques in 2020

If your business is still hanging onto the outdated SEO techniques then it is time that you give up on those. The world of SEO is a subject of constant change, where only adaptation to change will mark your existence.

Outdated SEO techniques can be your worst nightmare if you keep relying on them. Let’s check out these outdated SEO techniques and save you from future trouble!

Give a second thought on keywords

How would you feel about clicking a title with a bunch of keywords like “Smart shoes, fashionable shoes, stylish shoes, beautiful shoes?”

I bet you would go for something with a title like “Smart shoes – we pamper your feet with our stylish shoes”, which is more alluring and inviting than a bunch of keywords with no meaning.

I agree with the fact that keywords play an important role but it doesn’t mean that stuffing keywords is going to help. Google uses click signals to rank websites where websites with more number of user clicks are likely to get higher rankings in Search Results.

Titles and content must be alluring and meaningful to get more clicks to improve ranking. Keyword stuffing is a technique of the past when SEO was a newbie to the industry. Instead focus on titles which are more of a meaningful message that attracts users.

Over optimizing internal links through anchor text

Though it had positive impacts on rankings earlier it won’t work any further in the future. Google finds it inappropriate and punishes websites with over optimization.

If your internal links are relevant and are in the correct place then there is no harm. Google Penguin update is keen on identifying and penalizing websites that attempt to over optimize using anchor text internal links.


Both Search Engines and users don’t wish to see the same content over and over again. Users are looking for fresh information which covers different aspects of topics from different angles.

Search Engines are very strict on plagiarism where sites end up getting penalized for plagiarism. After all, no user would like to waste time on a plagiarized content.

Watch out for your content

We refer to the content as “king” in terms of SEO. The content must be of use for both users as well as Search Engines. Quality content is one which satisfies the interests and needs of both the above-said parties.

Avoid thin writing a content which doesn’t give out information sometimes not even a single keyword. If you know how to manage your content properly, then you are on the safe side.

Comment Spams

There seems to be a lot of comment spams recently where others try to influence Search Engine ranking by misleading the traffic. Although the comments section is open for readers to express their views, these links and website URLs cause nothing but trouble.

But remember, closing down the comments section is not the best option to get rid of comment spams on your content.


Being updated about the latest and upcoming SEO techniques is necessary to pick the lead and claim your position in Search Engines. Be in touch about algorithmic updates that comes rolling out since they can make a significant impact on your business.

It is time that you bade farewell to the outdated SEO techniques and adapts to the never changing “change” of the SEO world.