local-seo seo sri lankaAs you already know every time more and more Google Local, also called Google Places, is used, and therefore for many businesses with a specific location is much more important to be well ranking for these searches on Google local.

Currently, almost anyone that is going to make a purchase at any local business that do not know, often before doing a search in the search engines whether to consult opinions, see the location, check the phone, etc. Therefore we cannot but side all this traffic to our business.

Whenever a local search in the Google SERPs is a mix of organic results, organic results in the cue function and results of Google + Local.

Then we discuss with you 5 tips to improve your campaigns from Google + Local SEO Sri Lanka and that makes you have a competitive advantage over your competition local businesses:

1 complete your profile 100%

It may seem obvious, but the truth is that there are many local profiles that are only 50% complete. Google tends to give preference to the profiles that these covered at 100%, with what they provide as many information as possible and at the same time, Google provides the best possible user experience.

Google also takes into account the opening hours of your local business, for example, if your business is open for the period of time in which the search is performed. If the opening hours have not completed in its profile of Google + Local, you can stay out of search results. Nor forget the photos and videos that in addition to giving you more relevant, will help you to differentiate yourself and stand out from the rest of business.

2 keep your name, address and telephone number

This you have to keep it on all the sites and local directories where you have to put your name, address and telephone number, and these three factors you have to try to be equal in all of them. If you have a local phone and other company, used always, in all the directories one of the two, but always the same.

I would also recommend using the name, address and telephone number in the footer or sidebar visible on all pages web with structured data schema.

3 use all relevant categories of Google + Local

Google does not allow custom categories, so you have to choose which shows you by default Google +, therefore tries to select all categories that relate to your business, since it is one of the ways that uses Google + Local to categorize businesses and show them in the results.

4 get reviews of truth

When I say that you get reviews of truth… are reviews of truth, not the reviews from friends and family, but your real customers reviews, and to be able to be real customers happy, since the reviews, in addition to being a local factor, is also an important factor in the decision of purchase by the user.

Therefore tries to get these real reviews, so it you have to manage (and already we will write in this regard), but a good method is to encourage the customer to write them, emphasize the positive reviews, “reward” to customers who make it, etc.…

5 Add a map from Google Local for your business on your web

For example, on the page of contact or location, add a map from Google Local embedded with html code that gives Google.

To do this you have to search for your business in Google maps, and in its lower right, where there is a wheel, to click that opens the drop-down and choose “Share and insert map”, then choose to embed in your website with the code html that shows you Google… seems silly, but is a recommendation that you do.