Being user-friendly? Why not Search Engine friendly?

Although many of us might not notice it at a glance, one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to make your website both user-friendly and search engine friendly. It means SEO helps search engines to determine the content of your site and how useful it can be for the users. So search engines can generate the most relevant and useful results with the help of SEO.

A perfect website and quality content. Is it enough?

Most of us are blindfolded by the fact that a perfect website with excellent quality content is all that you need to get high rankings. SEO has continuously changed ever since the development of technology while the sites which are well aware of these changes manage to cope up with their rankings.

It is well aware that websites with experience and knowledge enjoy the benefits of increased traffic and visibility in search engines. It is essential to understand that we and a search engine doesn’t share the similar looks of a website. It means that the links, images, content must be in a way, where both humans and search engines can understand them.

Take a look at the following ways by which you can make your website look to search engine friendly, so you don’t need to suffer from less traffic, low ranking and invisibility.

Keyword Usage and Targeting

Keywords lay the foundation of any search process as the entire search process lies on the base of the keywords typed by users. Search engines keep a track on keyword-based indexes since it is easier for search engines to retrieve data through the use of keywords.

If you are looking forward to optimizing the rankings of your website, make sure that the keywords used for ranking are appropriately used in the text, metadata, and titles. Properly used keywords will help your website to withstand the competition and improve the ranking.

Indexable Content

No matter how attractive your website is; if search engines can’t understand the content, then the whole effort is a waste. Placing your most important content using HTML text format would help you with better ranking in the search results.

Use the “alt attributes” for images so the search engines would know the visual part included in the content. Replace your links with HTML links if you have got JavaScript links.

Title Tags

Be aware of the length of the title tag since only 65 to 75 characters of a title get displayed in the search results. Make sure that the keywords are included in the front of the title tag since it enhances your ranking. It is better if you can add the brand name to create brand awareness.

By now you might have realized how important it is for a website to be both user-friendly and search engine friendly. If you get to notice that your website isn’t search-engine friendly, take the necessary steps to ensure that it is search engine friendly or else you will fall behind your competitors.

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